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Hassle Free Engine Services

It is recommended that you service your engine at least once a year or every 100 hours based on manufacturer specifications. Keeping up with your engines routine maintenance promotes safe boating, and helps cut down future engine costs. P&E Marine brings you a streamline engine service with an automated schedule. 

Oil Changes

Clean engine oil lubricates the mechanical components that move inside the engine. Fresh oil each year helps clean, and protect your engine to promote the longevity of your engines life. Marine engines run at higher RPMs and is recommended to change oil and filters every year or 100hrs. This prevents premature wear and costly repairs.


Filters are an Integral part in keeping your engine running the way it should. Filters prevent harmful contaminates from reaching your engine's key componets. Filters are designed to help clean and maintain the fluids moving through the engine. Filters can tell a lot about the engine's performance. It is recommend to change all filters yearly.


Zincs are a sacrificial metal plug's in your engines cooling system that raw water corrodes before critical engine parts. Zincs should be inspected regularly and replaced at the very least, yearly.

Raw Water Pump Impellers

Impellers are the heart of your engines cooling system. With out a functioning impeller your engine will overheat. Impellers become old, lazy, brittle and the fins can break off. Causing serious damage to your engines cooling system. We recommend replacing every 2-3 year or 500hrs.

Schedule your boats mobile engine service today! We work with all makes and models. 

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